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Volume lashes best they've ever been! Full sets start at only $175, crazy I know!! Oh did I mention I only offer VOLUME! I have a thing with only offering the best to my clients!

Check the appointment calendar (top right) for my next opening and your new lash changing opportunity!





Lashes For Every Occasion!


What to get that person who has everything? Mom? Sister? Girlfriend? Wife? Mother-in-Law? Any woman you'd wanna make happy this holiday season? Why, Lashes of course!

Volume Lashes are the new craze of today! These babes are fuller, softer, and last longer then traditional Classic Eyelash Extensions. Consider looking fabulous in no time for all your holiday parties, in a fraction of the time!

If dramatic isn't your style, we've still got you covered. Our talented and skillfully trained Lovely Lash Artists are equipped to give you the look you want that suits your needs perfectly! 



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Whats the Buzz About?

We've been getting a lot of buzz about "Volume Lashes" lately. What is it? Why do I want it? Do they last longer?

So Volume Lashes is a term used to describe an advanced lashing tecnique that offers something classic lashes can't. With Volume we can create a extremely full and dramatic look on lashes that are very sparse naturally, with classic we are limited to one extension to one natural lash. This being said, "dramatic" isn't the only option with this technique. We can also create a very soft, sweet, and natural look as well. 

The light weight of these lashes make it possible to move your 2 week fills to 3-4 week fills. Which means spending even less valuable time maintaing your beauty regimen. And look good the whole time in-between appointments. 

Get yours here, www.LovelyLashesSlc.com and don't forget about our referral program, "get $10 off your next service, for every friend that comes in!" spread the word!


Lash Games 2015

We'd like to thank everyone for all the Love and Support! Today we competed against some amazing artist, in Utah's first Lash Games! We are so glad to be a part of the exciting lash industry that is booming here in Utah!

Can't wait for the next one!




Volume Lashes

The Softest, Fullest, Longest Lasting Lashes you can get! We are so excited to offer Volume Eyelash Extensions! Because these extensions are so light weight, you can expect and extra week in between fills, saving you valuable time! Your lash artist is also no longer limited by the amount of natural lashes a client may have, this means everyone can have the Fullest, Fluffiest Lashes! Book Your Appointment Today and See What All The Hype Is About!


EyeBrow Extensions! Its a Thing!

Brows are the new Black, and you can now have the brows you've always dreamt of! There is no limit to what we can achieve with Eyebrow Extensions! We can fill sparse brows, scars, and over plucked brows. Have you always wanted that beautiful arch? Now you can have it, no make up needed! Save time every morning, and wake up looking on point with the most natural and realistic brow enhancement on the market. Lasting up to a whole month with proper care, the benefits are limitless. brows1.jpgbrows2.jpg

New Everything!

We are so excited to announce all our new services!

Eyebrow Extensions! Facials! Black Head Removal! Volume Lashes!

We love our customers and keep our prices at a competitive rate!

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